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Army Map Service Series U511 (GSGS Series 3919)
Circa 1942-1945
Scale 1:253,440

This collection is made up of intermediate scale maps published by the Army Map Service in the 1940's. Many of the sheets are reprints of earlier maps published by Great Britain's Geographical Section, General Staff which were derived from maps published by the Survey of India. View the index map

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Army Map Service Series U542
Circa 1954-1964
Scale 1:250,000

This series of maps primarily covers Burma (also known as Myanmar). Most of the maps date from the mid-1950s, but a few are from the mid-1960s. These maps are similar to series U502, with a more modern appearance and much greater detail than the earlier maps of Afghanistan. View the index map

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India, Bangladesh and Pakistan
Army Map Service Series U502
Circa 1955-1965
Circa 1955-1965

This series of maps covers India, Bangladesh, and most of Pakistan. Most of the maps date from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s. Compared to the maps of Afghanistan, these maps have a more modern appearance and show a much greater knowledge of the area covered. View the index map