About the U.S. Civil War Collection

Digitization Center Western Michigan University Libraries' United States Civil War Collection

The collection consists of 8 diaries and 29 letters from the collections at the Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collections. They were written in the mid 1860s by men with connections to Michigan and the Midwest, regimental or residence, and represent diverse military experiences, ranging from a musician to a prisoner of war situation. The handwritten originals have full transcriptions that are searchable with comprehensive metadata and include page images.

Of note, this collection is coded for browsing by categories to aid in research and discovery: Battles, Military Units and Maritime Vessels, People, Places, African Americans, Clothing, Death and Casualties, Desertion, Food, Health and Medicine, Leisure, Money, Music, Religion, Transportation.

Two versions of the same collection are available on the Internet:
One is hosted at the University of Michigan digital collections in an xml format; In the DLXS system the transcriptions are highlighted and fully searchable, also with subject authorities and links to the handwritten page images.

The second is in the WMU ContentDM image database system where the pages images are featured but still searchable by subject authorities, categories, and full text with over 18 fields of viewable metadata. Also, page and text can be viewed side by side and a PDF file of the entire transcription is available.

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